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Your SEO advertising agency search is over, thanks to Artsytown Designs! The term SEO, short for search engine optimization, has been making the rounds in amateur marketing circles. However, understanding SEO on a basic level is far different than knowing its principles inside and out. Our understanding of search engine optimization allows us to gauge how we can improve our client’s standing and ranking as it pertains to major search engine results. When weaponized correctly, SEO can produce massive benefits such as an eruption in growth and premium influence rankings.

Having a website without SEO ingratiation is much like having a car without gas. Objectively useless. Your webpage may be absolutely captivating in a visual sense, but without any discernable internet traffic, it merely exists, non-functioning. We use empirical evidence and countless logs of data to guide our practice and equip you with SEO-friendly web design, advertising, and content creation. We help you get in front of your primary audience and solidify your ranking, strategically positioning you in front of your competition. Because results matter.


Analysis. Design. Testing. Publishing. Optimization. This is the process our talented advertising crew utilizes to launch your online social media advertisements.



Paid social is a competitive landscape. It takes a professional with proven experience to drive the results you desire – simply boosting your own posts is not an effective social strategy.

We hate wasting money as much as you do. So we’re always optimizing campaigns to deliver the best results and improve the way you spend your money. Best of all, we manage all of it every day, so you can spend more time doing what you’re good at, creating happy and loyal customers.


Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Reach your best potential audiences by targeting users with similar interests and demographics to your current customer base. Our experts will help you pick the perfect target audience by using data from your CRM, website traffic.


Google Ads wants to give you a boost!

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When it comes to online advertisements, Google ads are one of the most advantageous in terms of influence and profitability. Google Ads operates under a pay-per-click, or PPC, business model. This means that marketers will target a specific keyword on Google and make monetary bids on the keyword while competing with others who are also targeting the same keyword. Investing in Google is perhaps one of the most profitable decisions you can make when growing your online footprint. People use Google 3.5 billion times a day, making it an unparalleled force in the internet ecosystem. Google Ads offers you a tremendous reach that can translate into leads, conversions, and sales. Using search-relevant keywords, Google Ads allows you to promote your products and services efficiently. Better yet? You’ll only pay for results, such as clicks to your website or calls to your business. Please get in contact today, and we at Artsytown Designs will take the first steps to set up your Google ads.

There are billions of active users on Facebook, meaning Facebook is much more than just a way to connect with friends. When Facebook is properly utilized, it serves as a gateway to eCommerce and increased internet traffic. Nowadays, having a functioning Facebook page already gives you a competitive edge when it comes to exposure. If all of this is starting to sound a bit overwhelming, fear not. We at Artsytown Designs are here to be your guide to all things Facebook. We can help you develop a page that has significant reach beyond just sunny California. Think of Facebook as another way to tap into yet another key audience.

We can’t properly discuss Facebook without also bringing attention to its built-in advertisement platform. Facebook ads are a surefire way to expand your audience and pave the way for upward mobility regarding exposure. Our amazing crew knows how to curate your advertisements properly, and subsequently, get them in front of the proper viewer base. We’ll help you create a comprehensive business plan for your company.


Facebook. More than just puppy videos.

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Who's using Google Maps in California?

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Thousands of people are using Google Maps every day in the state of California and beyond. We no longer have to rely on the imperfect science of printed out directions and bulky paper maps to guide us to our destination. Moreover, Google Maps has created a multi-layered system that provides users with both directions and recommendations. In fact, Google Maps has become so sophisticated that merely typing in a keyword will yield results. By nature, people are more likely to gravitate towards the top rendered results.

That is where our Artsytown Designs crew of talented online marketing whizzes comes in to make sure that when people are searching for businesses like yours, they find it right near the top. It is a crucial component to the modern market, and you might be surprised by how much business you are currently missing out on without a Google Maps strategy. We understand how to work within the confines of Google Maps’ system to get you top billing on their search engine.